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Acania Dock Gym
Acania Gym Exterior.png
Location Acania Dock
Gym Leader Ayaka
Badge Haze Badge
Dominant Type Gas
Region Naljo

Acania Gym is located at Acania Dock. It is the sixth gym challenge of the Naljo region. 

Its Leader Ayaka specializes in Gas-type Pokémon. She awards the Haze Badge to those who defeat her, which allows the use of HM03 Surf outside of battle.

Inside the Gym are two clouds of toxic gas blocking the way. Defeating each of the gym trainers will clear the gas and allow the player to pass through to Ayaka. Although the predominant type of the gym is Gas, both trainers as well as their leader also use Poison-type Pokémon.


Trainer Pokémon
Super Nerd.png
Super Nerd Jonas
Reward: PokémonDollar.png1152
49.gif Venomoth Lv.35
No item
109.gif Koffing Lv.35
No item
110.gif Weezing Lv.36
No item
Beauty Camry
Reward: PokémonDollar.png3344
324-Torkoal.gif Torkoal Lv.36
No item
324-Torkoal.gif Torkoal Lv.37
No item
168.gif Ariados Lv.38
No item


Trainer Items: Hyper Potion

Leader Ayaka
Acania Gym

Reward: PokeDollar.svg4100 and
TM92 (Mustard Gas)

Prism - Team4.png
Haunter Lvl 36
Torkoal Lvl 37
White Smoke
Confusion Hypnosis Mustard Gas Flamethrower
Mustard Gas Poison Gas Smokescreen Body Slam
Weezing Lvl 39
Drapion Lvl 41
Battle Armor
Mustard Gas Poison Gas Night Slash Earthquake
Sludge Bomb Explosion Sludge Bomb Hidden Power (Rock)

Pre-Battle Someone's here? OK, I see... You're a knight wielding a shovel? No... you're just a trainer out to get my Gym badge. How boring... -yawn- Well, according to my very demanding schedule, I have time for a battle. So, sure, OK. I'm Ayaka, and I use Gas Pokémon. OK, let's get this over with already.
Post-Defeat -cough- Well, that was different. Meh. Oh, fine, here is your, wait... What's the badge's name again? Haze? Who came up with that stupid name? Me? Oh, OK then.
Post-Battle Take this TM too.
This TM is called Mustard Gas. It, uhh... My brain hurts. You figure it out.


Acania Gym Guide.png

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