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Azalea Town
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Azalea Town Gym - Johto Gym #17
specialist Gym
Hive Badge
Hive Badge
Azalea Town Gym - Johto Gym #17
specialist Gym
Hive Badge
Hive Badge
Azalea Town Gym - Johto Gym #17
specialist Gym
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Hive Badge
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Elite Four
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Connecting locations
Ilex Forest
Azalea Town

Location of Azalea Town in Johto.

Azalea Town is a small town in the region of Johto. In the Rijon storyline there was an earthquake, making it impossible to leave via the east. The town is joined to Rijon through the Ilex Forest. Despite the collapse, it is still possible to access the Slowpoke Well.

In Pokémon Brown, it is possible to visit the Slowpoke Well and Ilex Forest, but otherwise the only buildings accessible are the Pokémon Center and the Azalea Gym.


Item Location Games
Revive Near a Slowpoke staring at a pond  RijonAdv 
Charcoal Given by a man at the Charcoal Klin  RijonAdv 


In Pokémon Brown, there are rocks blocking the PokéMart due to the earthquake. Therefore, it is not accessible.

Rijon Adventures
Item Price
Poké Ball PokémonDollar.png200
Great Ball PokémonDollar.png600
Ultra Ball PokémonDollar.png1200
Potion PokémonDollar.png300
Super Potion PokémonDollar.png300
Hyper Potion PokémonDollar.png700
Max Potion PokémonDollar.png2500
Revive PokémonDollar.png1500
Full Restore PokémonDollar.png3000
Antidote PokémonDollar.png100
Parlyz Heal PokémonDollar.png200
Burn Heal PokémonDollar.png250
Awakening PokémonDollar.png250
Ice Heal PokémonDollar.png250
Full Heal PokémonDollar.png600
Repel PokémonDollar.png350
Super Repel PokémonDollar.png500
Max Repel PokémonDollar.png700

Azalea Town Gym[]

Main article: Azalea Gym

Pokémon Brown[]

The Azalea Town Gym is specialized in Bug-type Pokémon, and the Gym Leader is Bugsy.
Because the Johto badges are useless in Rijon, Bugsy instead offers a choice between either Gligar or Sneasel (level 30).

Pokémon Prism[]

Bugsy can be battled, and gives a badge and a TM like all gym leaders.

Pokémon Rijon Adventures[]

Bugsy can be battled, but in the current version of Rijon Adventures there is no prize.

Slowpoke Well[]

Main article: Slowpoke Well


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