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Castro Valley
"The spot for the finest vines and finest boats of Rijon!"
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Castro Valley Gym - Rijon Gym #5
specialist Gym
Fist Badge
Fist Badge
Castro Valley Gym - Rijon Gym #5
specialist Gym
Fist Badge
Fist Badge
Castro Valley Gym - Rijon Gym #5
specialist Gym
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Fist Badge
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Connecting locations
Tan Boat Creek
Castro Forest
Castro Valley
Route 86
Location of Castro Valley in Rijon.

Castro Valley is a large-sized city in Rijon. with a harbor and a Fighting-specialist Gym. It is located in the southeast of the region, and can be reached by crossing Route 58 or Castro Forest .


Item Location Games
Premier Ball Given by Brigitte in her house  RijonAdv 


Pokémon Location Levels
Magikarp Old Rod Fishing 5
Poliwag Good Rod Fishing 10
Goldeen Good Rod Fishing 10
Shellder Super Rod Fishing 15
Krabby Super Rod Fishing 15


Pokémon Brown
Item Price
Ultra Ball PokémonDollar.png1200
Hyper Potion PokémonDollar.png1500
Super Potion PokémonDollar.png700
Revive PokémonDollar.png1500
Escape Rope PokémonDollar.png550
X Accuracy PokémonDollar.png950
Super Repel PokémonDollar.png500
Rijon Adventures
Item Price
Poké Ball PokémonDollar.png200
Great Ball PokémonDollar.png600
Potion PokémonDollar.png300
Super Potion PokémonDollar.png700
Hyper Potion PokémonDollar.png1200
Antidote PokémonDollar.png100
Parlyz Heal PokémonDollar.png200
Awakening PokémonDollar.png250
Ice Heal PokémonDollar.png250
Escape Rope PokémonDollar.png550
Repel PokémonDollar.png350
Super Repel PokémonDollar.png500
Harbor Mail PokémonDollar.png50
Wood Mail PokémonDollar.png50
Yellow Ball PokémonDollar.png200
Timer Ball PokémonDollar.png1000

Castro Valley Gym[]

Main article: Castro Gym

The gym is located in the south of the city, just above the harbor. Its gym leader is Koji in Brown and Prism, and Ginta in Rijon Adventures, and both use Fighting-type pokémon. The Fist Badge is awarded to trainers who defeat him, allowing the player to use Surf outside of battle.

Pokémon Brown[]

CastroValley inMap.PNG


Main article: Koolboyman Mansion

The Mansion is a place containing wild pokémon, trainers and items, that exists only in Pokémon Brown. It is a required dungeon, as it contains the Virus Scan, which the player needs to progress.


Main article: S.S. Anne

Harbor entrance

This harbor is the final stop of S.S Anne, but when the player gets the S.S. Ticket, the ship isn't in there. However, the ticket is not necessary to get through, since the player can bypass the sailor by surfing in the water and landing below him.

In the harbor, a truck is parked on the right. A CoronetStone is hidden inside (which causes Magneton to evolve into Magnezone). This is a reference to the rumor about a Pokéball containing Mew under the truck in Pokémon Red/Blue.

Other points of interest[]

  • In the small house in the northwest of the city, a fisherman gives the player the Old Rod.
  • In the house to the left of the Pokémon Center, a girl wants to trade her Chansey for the player's Pidgey.

Pokémon Prism []

Pokémon Rijon Adventures[]

In the house to the bottom left corner of town, an old man offers to trade his Jynx for a Poliwhirl.


Brown Prism Rijon Adventures
RijonAdv - Castro Valley.png


Castro Valley's layout is very similar to Olivine City's prototype design.


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