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Gold Tokens (Prism)[]

The Gold Token system was introduced in Pokemon Prism. Each area (City, Cave, Route, etc.) contains one hidden Gold Token, making up a total of 80 tokens to be found in the game.

Gold Tokens are not limited to "typical" item hiding spots, and can be found inside houses and other random places. All of them are "hidden" items, meaning they do not show up in the overworld and can only be found by clicking in the right place.

Gold Tokens can be traded in various locations for special prizes :

Trading Gold Tokens
Locations Items Price
Laurel City (PokéMart) Trade Stone
Exp. Share
2 Tokens
3 Tokens
5 Tokens
Spurge City (PokéMart) Old Rod
Time Machine
2 Tokens
2 Tokens
5 Tokens
Acania Dock (PokéMart) Yellow Flute
Amulet Coin
QR Scanner
Iron Pickaxe
3 Tokens
3 Tokens
5 Tokens
5 Tokens
9 Tokens
10 Tokens
Jaeru City (House) Lucky Egg
Hyper Share
Macho Brace
Expert Belt
Muscle Band
Wise Glasses
5 Tokens
5 Tokens
5 Tokens
5 Tokens
5 Tokens
5 Tokens


Tips :

  1. After finding 5 Gold Tokens, buy the Itemfinder in Laurel City. It will make things a lot easier.
  2. There is a guy in Merson City who will give you 4 Gold Tokens for every 30 pokemons caught.
Gold Tokens
Map Name Location Description
Villages, Towns, Cities
Caper City PokéMart, second shelf on the right
Oxalis City Flower pot in the happiness checker's house
Heath Village Inside the Gym, a the end of the path above the big lake next to the smelting house.
Laurel City Left of the PokéMart in a flowerbed
Torenia City Shelves in the PokéMart
Botan City In a tree near the Haunted Forest entrance
Phacelia Town To be added
Acania Dock To be added
Phlox Town In the bingo hall, as a reward.
Rijon League In front of the building, tree on the far left
Castro Valley On the right of the Pokémon Center, in the fence corner
Castro Mansion 1st floor, top left, around the crates
Jaeru City At the end of the maze up north, in a tree
Moraga Town Behind the cuttable tree, in front of the house of the guy who teaches forgotten moves for Heart Scales
Hayward City South-west, in trees between two houses
Seashore City In the gym, in the fence in front of the doorless house
Gravel Town North-west, in the corner next to the doorless house
Merson City Underneath the Pokémon Center, in a tree
Eagulou City In front of the PokéMart, 3rd tree from the left
Owsauri City In the game corner, second row from the right, in the poker machine next to the girl
Goldenrod City Next to the rails, in front of the bald man
Caves and Forests
Acqua Mines 2nd Floor, in the middle of the ground just before you come across the second Larvitar
Milos Catacombs To be added
Firelight Caverns To be added
Mound Cave To be added
Provincial Park To be added
Rinji's Forest In a tree in the far east
Laurel Forest In the building before the pokemon exploration area - on the table
Naljo Ruins To be added
Castro Forest When entering from route 62, go straight up, in the bushes
Merson Cave 2nd floor, left from the ladder, in the wall
Mt. Boulder When you enter, in a rock straight in front of the stairs
Ilex Forest When entering from Route 34, follow the trail, in a tree before the water
Goldenrod Cape When leaving Goldenrod City, in the rock straight down, next to the gate house
Route 34 In the gate house, next to the lady with her Butterfree
Route 47-B In the bottom-left tree of the the 4x4 tree formation in the middle
Route 48-B Going down from Route 47-B, in the right tree just before the left boardwalk
Route 49 When coming out the gate house, in the tree at the bottom, before the grass
Route 50 Left from Super Nerd Bram, at the end of the tree alignment
Route 51 North-west, in the corner of the patch of grass
Route 52 Underneath the tunnel, on the 4x4 boardwalk
Route 53 On the top right of the doorless house, in the one square of cut grass
Route 54 Underneath Lass Jan (trainer), in the one square of cut grass
Route 55 In a tree at west, there is a tree clearly missing, stand on that area
Route 56 North-east water, in the funny looking pebbles
Route 57 South of the water, 1st group of 4x4 trees, the tree on the top-left
Route 58 Surf and go down, in a tree
Route 59 From Jaeru City, walk right, in the patch of cut grass
Route 60 In the tree closest to the Jaeru City gate house
Route 61 In the southern gate house, on the table
Route 62 South-east, in the one square of cut grass
Route 63 In the one square jump-able wall
Route 64 Left from the cave, behind the breakable the rock
Route 65 In a rock on the water
Route 66 When entering the water from Owsauri City, in the rock directly to the right
Route 67 In a tree underneath the sign post
Route 68 On an empty island in the middle of the route
Route 69 In the gate house, top right of top counter
Route 70 In a snow-covered rock below two trees
Route 71 In the leftmost rock wall north of a flowerbed
Route 72 Surf right to an empty 4x4 space
Route 73 On the right after crossing the bridge
Route 74 In front of Pokefan Jessica
Route 75 In the river below Beauty Michelle
Route 76 One of the windows
Route 77 Left of the bridge in the water (SURF)
Route 78 To be added
Route 79 Near some rocks underneath the boardwalk
Route 80 To be added
Route 81 To be added
Route 82 On a rock, right from the entrance of the cave in the middle
Route 83 In a rock by the bridge
Route 84 In a rock on the ice
Route 85 To be added