Goldenrod City
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
RijonAdv - Goldenrod City
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Goldenrod City Gym - Johto Gym #18
specialist Gym
Plain Badge
Plain Badge
Goldenrod City Gym - Johto Gym #18
specialist Gym
Plain Badge
Plain Badge
Goldenrod City Gym - Johto Gym #18
specialist Gym
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Elite Four
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Elite Four
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Connecting locations
Goldenrod Cape
Goldenrod City
Route 34
Location of Goldenrod City in Johto.

Goldenrod City is the largest city in Johto, and is connected to Azalea Town by Route 34. The southern part of the city is accessible in Rijon Adventures.


The city is not accessible due to the earthquake. Rocks can be seen blocking the entrance to the city.

Prism Edit

The city is accessible. The gym leader, Whitney, can be battled.

Trainer Pokémon
Officer Keith
Reward: PokémonDollar3400
59 Arcanine Lv.85
No item
Super Nerd
Super Nerd Teru
Reward: PokémonDollar2656
82 Magneton Lv.82
No item
462-Magnezone2 Magnezone Lv.83
No item
Super Nerd
Super Nerd Eric
Reward: PokémonDollar2656
110 Weezing Lv.82
No item
132 Ditto Lv.83
No item

Rival [[]]
Goldenrod City
Reward:PokémonDollar 4980 and TM46 (Thief)
RA - Team6
Aggron Lvl 75M
Rock Head
Parasect Lvl 76M
Dry Skin
Iron Head Earthquake X-Scissor Giga Drain
Metallurgy Night Slash Slash
Scizor Lvl 77M
Ursaring Lvl 79M
Quick Feet
Metal Claw X-Scissor Bulk Up Slash
Metallurgy Slash Rest Hyper Beam
Weavile Lvl 81M
Salamence Lvl 83M
Night Slash Agility Crunch Air Slash
Metal Claw Dragon Claw

Rijon AdventuresEdit

The city is accessible, however, the city has no events except for the Pokémon Network Center, and the Department Store (Silph Company).


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