Heath Village
"Holds rich traditions"
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Heath Village Gym - Naljo Gym #2
specialist Gym
Nature Badge
Nature Badge
Heath Village Gym - Naljo Gym #2
specialist Gym
Nature Badge
Nature Badge
Heath Village Gym - Naljo Gym #2
specialist Gym
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Nature Badge
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Elite Four
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Connecting locations
Heath Village
Route 74
Route 69
Location of Heath Village in Naljo.

Heath Village is a village in the Naljo region. Its only inhabitants are all of the same clan. Route 74 is to the west of it, and Route 69 is to the south.

There is no PokeMart or PokeCenter here, instead the player can buy things and rest their Pokemon at the Inn. Resting at the Inn costs P100.

Instead of a traditional gym, they have Rinji's Forest which serves as the Heath Gym. Rinji is the leader of Heath Gym.

There's a small island to the north with a house on it. The old lady inside the house will give the player TM30 Shadow Ball.

The smelting cave, where the player can turn coal into ash and smelt ore, can be found inside of Rinji's Forest.

HM01 Cut is received from the gate guard after the player battles with Palette Red at the Route 74 gate.


Item Location Games
Bicycle -  Prism 
(Sleep Talk)
-  Prism 
TM30 (Shadow Ball) Gift from NPC in house on island to the North of town. (requires Surf)  Prism 


Item Price
Mining Pick PokémonDollar500
Pokéball PokémonDollar200
Great Ball PokémonDollar600
Potion PokémonDollar300
Super Potion PokémonDollar700
Antidote PokémonDollar100
Escape Rope PokémonDollar550
Repel PokémonDollar350


  • Tangela
  • Scyther

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