Joe Reed
Real name
Gender Male
Age  ??
Hair colour Brown (balding)
Eye colour  ??
Hometown Botan City
Relatives Wife: Evelyn Reed (deceased)
Son: Edward Reed
Daughter: Carmella Reed
Trainer Class Leader
Leader of Equality River Gym
Badge White Badge
Specializes in Normal-types

Joe Reed is a resident of Botan City.

Pokémon BrownEdit

In Pokémon Brown, he is the seventh gym leader. He is known to use Super Potions on his Pokémon even when they are at full health.

Being a Normal-type trainer, he may be the namesake of the Chansey received in an in-game trade in Castro Valley.

Pokémon Prism Edit

In Pokémon Prism. he is still the seventh gym leader and can be found on Route 57.

''The most normal Trainer you'll ever meet !''

Brown Edit

Rijon AdventuresEdit

In Rijon Adventures, he runs the Reed game shack. Joe's son Edward is now the Equality River gym leader.

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