Laurel City
"The city of royalty."
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Laurel City Gym - Naljo Gym #3
specialist Gym
Charm Badge
Charm Badge
Laurel City Gym - Naljo Gym #3
specialist Gym
Charm Badge
Charm Badge
Laurel City Gym - Naljo Gym #3
specialist Gym
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Charm Badge
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Elite Four
Elite Four
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Elite Four
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Connecting locations
Magikarp Cavern
Route 75
Laurel City
Route 76 and Laurel Forest
Location of Laurel City in Naljo.
Laurel City is a city in the Naljo region. It is adjacent to Route 75 and Route 76. Laurel Forest is further to the south.

The player can revive fossils at the laboratory located on the north side of town.

The Name Rater is located in the western half of town, just south of the Route 75 gate.

The Laurel Gym is in this city, and can be accessed by Cut. Its leader is Brooklyn, a water (2010)/fairy (2016) -type specialist.

The Magikarp Cavern is located here.


Item Location Games
(Icy Wind)
-  Prism 
Fossil Case -  Prism 
Gold Token (Hidden)  Prism 


Item Price
Pokéball PokémonDollar200
Great Ball PokémonDollar600
Potion PokémonDollar300
Super Potion PokémonDollar700
Antidote PokémonDollar100
Paralyze Heal PokémonDollar200
Awakening PokémonDollar250
Burn Heal PokémonDollar250
Ice Heal PokémonDollar250
Revive PokémonDollar1500

Token ExchangeEdit

Item Tokens
Moon Stone 3 Tokens
Amulet Coin 10 Tokens
Lucky Egg 10 Tokens


To be Added

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