A Technical Machine, or TM for short, is an item that is used to teach a Pokémon a move. TM set on Pokémon Brown has changed a bit from the one introduced on Pokémon Red/Blue, with 12 TMs changing the learning move. The game features 50 TMs and four HMs. As in Pokémon Red/Blue, a TM is a single-use item.

TM ListEdit

TM Original Move Location
TM 01 Mega Punch Dynamicpunch Castro Valley Gym
TM 02 Razor Wind Razor Wind Secret Cave
TM 03 Swords Dance Swords Dance Route 63
TM 04 Whirlwind Aeroblast Final Dungeon (Underground Cave Maze, 1F)
TM 05 Mega Kick Triple Kick Southland Mall
TM 06 Toxic Toxic Game Corner
TM 07 Horn Drill Horn Drill Cave on Route 53
TM 08 Body Slam Body Slam Southland Mall
TM 09 Take Down Take Down Southland Mall
TM 10 Double-Edge Double-Edge Eagulou Park
TM 11 Bubblebeam Bubblebeam Southland Mall
TM 12 Water Gun Octazooka Southland Mall
TM 13 Ice Beam Ice Beam Owsauri City Gym, Southland Mall
TM 14 Blizzard Blizzard
TM 15 Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Castro Forest Gym, Cave 48-B
TM 16 Pay Day Pay Day Route 61
TM 17 Submission Submission Final Dungeon (Main Building, 1F)
TM 18 Counter Counter Southland Mall
TM 19 Seismic Toss Seismic Toss Warehouse
TM 20 Rage Rage Southland Mall
TM 21 Mega Drain Giga Drain Moraga Town Gym
TM 22 Solarbeam Solarbeam Final Dungeon (Warp Building)
TM 23 Dragon Rage Dragonbreath Route 64
TM 24 Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Jaeru City Gym, Southland Mall, Final Dungeon
TM 25 Thunder Thunder Power Plant, Final Dungeon (Outside)
TM 26 Earthquake Earthquake Southland Mall (give girl on roof Green Orb)
TM 27 Fissure Fissure Eagulou Gym
TM 28 Dig Dig Hayward City, Southland Mall
TM 29 Psychic Psychic Seashore City Gym
TM 30 Teleport Shadow Ball Southland Mall (give girl on roof Red Orb)
TM 31 Mimic Mimic Moraga Town
TM 32 Double Team Double Team Final Dungeon (Main Building, 1F)
TM 33 Reflect Reflect Southland Mall
TM 34 Bide Bide Merson Cave
TM 35 Metronome Metronome Final Dungeon (Main Building, B1)
TM 36 Selfdestruct Sludge Bomb Final Dungeon (Main Building, B2)
TM 37 Egg Bomb Megahorn Southland Mall (give girl on roof Blue Orb)
TM 38 Fire Blast Flamethower Southland Mall, Final Dungeon
TM 39 Swift Swift Route 49 gatehouse
TM 40   Skull Bash Skull Bash
TM 41 Softboiled Wood Hammer Game Corner, Final Dungeon (Main Building, B1)
TM 42 Dream Eater Dream Eater Warehouse
TM 43 Sky Attack Sky Attack Cave to Eagulou Gym
TM 44 Rest Rest Route 34
TM 45 Thunder Wave Thunder Wave Route 51
TM 46 Psywave Noise Pulse Mansion
TM 47 Explosion Explosion Secret Cave
TM 48 Rock Slide Rock Slide Eagulou Park
TM 49 Tri Attack Tri Attack Southland Mall
TM 50 Substitute Substitute Route 34
HM 01 Cut Cut Route 50
HM 02 Fly Fly Moraga Town (requires Cut)
HM 03 Surf Surf Route 61
HM 04 Strength Strength Hayward City via Mt. Boulder (give Red Amulet to superstitious guy)


  • While the HM05 (Flash) exists in Pokémon Brown's programming, it is not legitimately obtainable. Flash is unnecessary anyway, seeing as how there are no dark caves in Rijon.