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Naljo Ruins
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Connecting Locations
Clathrite Tunnel
Naljo Ruins
Route 78
Location of Naljo Ruins in Naljo.

Naljo Ruins is a story quest location in the Naljo region. It is just south of Phacelia Town, and is accessible through Route 78 by using Surf.

The player must gather four gems, the red Jewel, blue Jewel, brown Jewel, and white Jewel. Once the player has all four, they place them in the chest on the Sixth floor. The player then receives the Prism Jewel, which they are able to trade for a Fake ID.

There is an Oasis inside the entrance area where the player may restore their party's health fully. There is also an entrance to the Clathrite Tunnel here, but the player must have the Fluffy Coat before they can traverse it.

The player must have the Gas Mask to access the Fifth floor.

Once the player has the Grapple Hook, they are able to access the roof where the Legendary Pokemon Raiwato is.


Palette Yellow

  • Electabuzz, Lv. 37M Static
    • Screech
    • Take Down
    • Thunder
  • Hariyama, Lv. 37M Guts
    • Belly Drum
    • Feint Attack
    • Cross Chop
  • Lunatone, Lv. 38 Levitate
    • Rock Slide
    • Pain Split
  • Typhlosion, Lv. 38M Blaze
    • Defense Curl
    • Flamethrower
    • Double Kick
  • Jolteon, Lv. 39M Volt Absorb
    • Agility
    • Double Kick
    • Thunder Fang


Palette Green

  • Xatu, Lv. 38M Synchronize
    • Drill Peck
    • Confuse Ray
    • Psybeam
  • Weepinbell, Lv. 39M Chlorophyll
    • Sludge
    • Nature Power/Earth Power
    • Giga Drain
  • Ludicolo, Lv. 40M Rain Dish
    • Bubblebeam
    • Razor Leaf
  • Tyranitar, Lv. 42M Sand Steam
    • Iron Defense
    • Earth Power
    • Pursuit
    • AncientPower
  • Leafeon, Lv. 40M Leaf Guard
    • Razor Leaf
    • Bite



*The basement is considered 1F, not the floor the player enters on

  • White Jewel (6F) Past Palette Green
  • Brown Jewel (4F) After hitting the switch labeled "Murum" on 2F
  • Red Jewel (2F) After hitting the switch labeled "Telum" on 5F, return to 3F and fall through the hole on the most northwestern point of the floor.
  • Blue Jewel (3F)
  • Prism Jewel (6F) In the chest after the player has collected all the other gems.
  • Gas Mask (3F) Beyond a pitfall
  • TM37 Sandstorm (4F)
  • TM24 Dragonbreath (2F) Player must fall through the right pitfall on 3F
  • Pearl (4F)
  • 3 Max Repel (5F)
  • Fake ID Traded to you by an NPC near the Oasis for the Prism Jewel

Available Pokémon[]

Location Pokémon Level Rarity
Outside Trapinch 30 Common
Outside Cacnea 27 Common
Outside Geodude 24 Common
Outside Graveler 28 Rare
Outside Loudred 31 Very Rare
Interior Golbat Common
Interior Beldum 15 Very Rare
Interior Solrock Very Rare
Interior Chingling Very Rare
Interior Rhyhorn Common
Interior Lairon Rare
Interior Haunter Common
Interior Koffing Rare
Interior Donphan Rare
Interior L3 Machoke Very Rare
Interior L3 Duskull Rare
Interior L4 Slugma Uncommon
Interior L4 Swablu Rare
Interior L4 Torkoal Very Rare
Interior L4 Koffing Common
Interior L4 Weezing Very Rare
Interior L4 Spiritomb Very Rare
Interior L4 Kangaskhan 30 Very Rare
Interior L5 Swablu (static) 40 Only One
Interior L5 Yanma (static) 40 Only One
Interior L5 Shuppet Rare
Interior L5 Beldum 32 Very Rare

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