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The Palette Patrollers are a team of villains based in Naljo. The Pokémon they use are only Pokémon that share their color palette, hence the name "Palette Patroller".

Pokémon Brown[]

One Palette Patroller (called "PalletPatrol" due to the character limit) is seen in the Eagulou City gym, and later reappears at the end of the Final Dungeon.

Pokémon Prism[]

There are six Palette Patrollers that make recurring appearances in Pokémon Prism. Palette Red, Palette Blue, Palette Yellow, Palette Green, Palette Pink, and Palette Black. It is stated that Palette Green and Palette Yellow are dating.


During the events of Pokémon Prism, the Palette Patrollers are trying to reawaken the Naljo Guardians in order to drive out foreigners and restore the Naljo Region to its former glory and pristine state. In the Firelight Caverns, they succeed in awakening Varaneous, which goes on a rampage. In Phacelia Town, the player goes undercover in order to apprehend Palette Black. It is revealed that the Palette Patrollers were working with the scientists of Algernon Laboratories in order to artificially enhance Pokemon's intelligence.