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Phacelia Town Gym
Phacelia Gym Exterior.png
Location Phacelia City
Gym Leader Andre
Badge Muscle Badge
Dominant Type Fighting
Region Naljo

Phacelia Gym is the fifth gym the player faces in the Naljo gym challenge. Located in Phacelia Town, its leader is the Fighting-type trainer Andre. He awards the Muscle Badge on defeat, which allows the player to use HM05 (Rock Smash) outside of battle.

The Gym is located in a cave, with the entrance at the south connecting it to Phacelia Town. The exit at the north (which requires Rock Smash to access) leads into Milos Catacombs. There is a Calcium on the ledge just outside of this doorway, which can only be reached in this way.


Trainer Pokémon
Blackbelt Dunn
Reward: PokémonDollar.png768
67.gif Machoke Lv.30
No item
107.gif Hitmonchan Lv.32
No item
106.gif Hitmonlee Lv.31
No item
Blackbelt Everett
Reward: PokémonDollar.png768
297-Hariyama.gif Hariyama Lv.30
No item
67.gif Machoke Lv.31
No item
286-Breloom.gif Breloom Lv.32
No item
Blackbelt Lennox
Reward: PokémonDollar.png792
297-Hariyama.gif Hariyama Lv.31
No item
237.gif Hitmontop Lv.32
No item
67.gif Machoke Lv.33
No item


Leader Andre
Phacelia Gym

Reward: PokeDollar.svg3600 and
TM01 (DynamicPunch)

Prism - Team4.png
Machoke Lvl 31
Gallade Lvl 32
Mach Punch Bulk Up Future Sight X-Scissor
Seismic Toss Focus Energy Signal Beam DrainingKiss
Lucario Lvl 34
Machamp Lvl 36
Bullet Punch Iron Defense Mach Punch Bulk Up
Metal Claw Quick Attack Cross Chop Scary Face

Pre-Battle Hey, how did you get this far? My followers need to train more. I'm Andre. This cave, right here, is our home. My Pokémon and I carved it using nothing but our BARE HANDS! These construction workers are so pathetic, relying on technology to achieve tasks, rather than simply making their body an indestructible war machine! Think I'm crazy? Just watch!
Post-Defeat No! You may be strong now, but what will happen when society can no longer produce things to fill your item pack? I'll give you a badge for now, but when the world ends, don't come crying to me.
Post-Battle I need to rid myself of such foul shortcuts that technology has created. Take this.
This TM is called DynamicPunch. It's an inaccurate move, but if it hits, the foe becomes confused! You may see it as an advantage, but I only see it as a way to cripple you and your team's ability to survive without help.


Phacelia Gym Guide.png

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