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Phacelia Town
"Not quite a town yet."
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Phacelia Town Gym - Naljo Gym #5
specialist Gym
Muscle Badge
Muscle Badge
Phacelia Town Gym - Naljo Gym #5
specialist Gym
Muscle Badge
Muscle Badge
Phacelia Town Gym - Naljo Gym #5
specialist Gym
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Muscle Badge
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Elite Four
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Elite Four
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Connecting locations
Milos Catacombs
Route 71
Phacelia Town
Route 85
Route 78
Location of Phacelia Town in Naljo.

Phacelia Town is a town in its early stages of development in the Naljo region. There are various workers and Pokémon around the town, contributing to the development.

The Milos Catacombs are just to the north of Phacelia Town. A cave to the west offers access to Route 78 and the western half of Route 71 (with the latter requiring strength). The cave to the east leads to Route 85. Both caves only consist of a short passageway, and contain neither wild Pokémon nor trainers.


Phacelia City PokéMart
Mining Pick
Pokémon Dollar500
Ultra Ball
Pokémon Dollar1200
Great Ball
Pokémon Dollar600
Hyper Potion
Pokémon Dollar1200
Super Potion
Pokémon Dollar700
Super Repel
Pokémon Dollar500
X Defend
Pokémon Dollar550

Phacelia Town Gym[]

Main article: Phacelia Gym

The town's gym is located inside a cave in the north-east, with its entrance next to the Poké Mart. It is blocked by a guard until the player has completed the Police Station quest.

Andre is the leader, and he awards the Muscle Badge on defeat, which allows the player to use Rock Smash outside of battle. Inside the gym cave, an exit at the back leads into the Milos Catacombs, but it requires Rock Smash to reach.

Move Deleter[]

Of the three small houses in town, the Move Deleter lives in the westernmost one. Speaking to him prompts the player to select a Pokémon, and then which move the Pokémon should forget. Deleting a move is free and can be done any number of times. It is the only way that Pokémon in the game can forget HM moves.

Police Station[]

The Police Station is in the north-west of the town, and is where the player is taken the first time they enter the town, after defeating Officer Remy in Milos Catacombs. Here they will disguise themselves as a Palette Patroller and must capture a member of the group before they are allowed to freely move about the town. Until this is complete, they will be unable to enter the gym or re-enter the Catacombs. Once they capture the Patroller on Route 85, the officer will award the player HM05.

Other places of interest[]


Item Location Image
Aspear Berry From the Berry Tree between the Pokemon Center and PokéMart Phacelia Town - Aspear Berry.png
TM20 (Endure) Given by the NPC inside a house south of the Gym. Phacelia Town - TM20.png
HM05 (Rock Smash) From a guard, as thanks for capturing Palette Black Phacelia Town - HM05.png
TM54 (Energy Ball) In the middle of the town (requires Strength) Phacelia Town - TM54.png


Phacelia Town
Maps of Phacelia Town showing locations of any items and NPCs.

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