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Phlox Bingo Hall is a building located in Phlox Town.

Phlox Bingo Hall
Location Phlox Town
Region Naljo
Location of Phlox Bingo Hall in Naljo.

The first time the player speaks to the woman sitting at the table, she gives the player a bingo card that allows them to complete various challenges in order to win prizes. To complete a challenge, check the bingo card and then activate the tile that has a fulfilled requirement.

The player can complete various challenges in order to get marks on a bingo card. Once a bingo is completed, the player can speak with the man behind the counter and get prizes. "Bingo's" are cumulative, so the more challenges the player completes, the fuller their bingo card gets, and the more prizes they can receive.

There are 3 bingo cards total, with each new card having more difficult challenges than the last.

The Legendary Pokemon Raiwato becomes available once the player gets the Grapple Hook as a bingo prize here.

Bingo Boards[]

Bingo Card 1
Reach Mining Level 10 Win 500 Battles Reach Jeweling Level 3 Accumulate 1000 Soot Obtain 8 Badges
Win 1 Game of Pachisi Find 5 Gold Tokens Use Fly Once Have 30,000 P on Hand Find 1 Secret Rijon Item
Revive 1 Fossil Own a Bicycle Free Space Have 1 Eeveelution Have 1 Tyranitar
Own 10 TMs Have 1 Kanto Starter Reach Smelting Level 5 Have 1 Johto Starter Have 600 Coins in Coin Case
Collect 40 Pokemon Visit 3 Rijon Cities Get 50 Orphan Points Maximum Party Level 65 See 100 Unique Pokemon
Bingo Card 2
Win 1200 Battles Get All 3 Johto Starters Get All 3 Kanto Starters Defeat 1 Tower Tycoon Get 30 Gold Medals
Reach Smelting Level 20 Reach Jeweling Level 10 Deposit P65,000 at the Spurge City Mall ATM Reach Crafting Level 5* Reach Mining Level 30
Earn 20 Badges Find 2 Secret Items Free Space Get 500 Orphan Points Get a Score of 6000 at the Arcade
Accumulate 4000 Soot Have 4 Different Eeveelutions Defeat the Rijon League Revive 3 Fossils Have 75 Unique Pokemon
Beat Round 3 in Battle Arcade Win Parchisi Twice Find Your Rival's Secret Hiding Place Raise a Pokemon to Level 100 Get a Naljo Guardian
Bingo Card 3
Raise 6 Pokemon to Level 100 Find 90 Gold Tokens See 240 Pokemon Find All 6 Secret Items Get All 8 Eeveelutions*
Have 3500 Coins in Coin Case Reach Crafting Level 50* Reach Smelting Level 60 Reach Mining Level 70 Reach Jeweling Level 40
Win 4000 Battles Have P200,000 on Hand Free Space Catch Phancero Defeat the Rijon League 3 Times
Win Round 7 in Battle Arcade Clear Mystery Zone Defeat a Tower Tycoon 3 Times Have 60 TMs Get a Score of 20,000 in the Arcade
Catch all 3 Legendary Birds** Have 160 Unique Pokemon Revive 10 Fossils Get All 4 Naljo Guardians Craft a Master Ball*

*Requires Patch

**Not yet possible


Card 1

  • Rows
    • Metal Powder
    • TM 40 (Defense Curl)
    • Gold Token
    • Rare Candy
    • Max Elixir
  • Columns
    • TM 18 (Rain Dance)
    • PP Up
    • White Flute
    • Heart Scale
    • Sun Stone
  • Diagonal
    • (Up) Exp. Share
    • (Down) Max Revive
  • Full Card
    • Shiny Ball

Card 2

  • Rows
    • Rare Candy
    • Pink Bow
    • Gold Token
    • TM 75 (Dizzy Punch)
    • Red Flute
  • Columns
    • TM 96 (Void Sphere)
    • Cage Key
    • TM 36 (Sludge Bomb)
    • Big Nugget
    • Trade Stone
  • Diagonal
    • (Up) PP Up
    • (Down) Max Elixir
  • Full Card
    • Grapple Hook

Card 3

  • Rows
    • TM 64 (Double-Edge)
    • Sacred Ash
    • TM 07 (Zap Cannon)
    • Purple Flute
    • PP Up
  • Columns
    • Gold Token
    • Shell Bell
    • TM 13 (Seed Bomb)
    • Safe Goggles
    • Max Elixir
  • Diagonal
    • (Up) Orange Flute
    • (Down) Black Flute
  • Full Card
    • Master Ball
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