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Phlox Town
"The quiet mountain ridge"
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Connecting locations
Acqua Mines
Phlox Town
Route 84
Location of Phlox Town in Naljo.

Phlox Town is a town located in the Southwest area of the Naljo Region. The climate of Phlox Town is cold due to its high elevation.

Notable landmarks include the Algernon Laboratories, the Phlox Bingo Hall, and an entrance to Acqua Mines.


Phlox Town PokéMart
Ultra Ball
Pokémon Dollar1200
Hyper Potion
Pokémon Dollar1200
Max Potion
Pokémon Dollar2500
Full Restore
Pokémon Dollar3000
Full Heal
Pokémon Dollar600
Pokémon Dollar1500
Max Repel
Pokémon Dollar700
Escape Rope
Pokémon Dollar550

Phlox Bingo Hall[]

In the southern half of town, just east of the tunnel leading to Route 84, is the Phlox Bingo Hall building. The player can receive bingo cards that have challenges on each space that the player can complete in order to win prizes.

Various TMs and a Master Ball can be won here.

Algernon Laboratories[]

On the northern half of town is a large building known as Algernon Laboratories. The door is locked upon first arrival, but once the player finds the Lab Card they gain entrance.

Inside are multiple scientists, Palette Green and Palette Yellow, and a few caged pokemon. The player must clear Algernon Laboratories in order to challenge the Eights gym.

Acqua Mines[]

Just east of Algernon Laboratories is the entrance to Acqua Mines. The Legendary Pokemon Libabeel can be found here, as well as a shiny Rhydon guarding the entrance to the basement of Algernon Laboratories.

The water level of Acqua Mines varies depending on the time of day, making some parts not traverse-able at certain times.

There is a minecart here that the player can use to travel to other caves in the Naljo region.

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