Pokémon Rijon Adventures
Base ROM Pokémon FireRed
Region Rijon
Starters Bulbasaur
Official Website HERE

Rijon Adventures is a hack of Pokémon FireRed, developed by Haruki Hanai and coordinated by Koolboyman. It takes place in Rijon, 20 years after Pokémon Brown.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game is similiar to Pokémon FireRed, except that the player takes control of Brown's child and not Brown himself, Prof. Oak is replaced by the aunt of the player's rival, probably Mura's sister/cousin.

Keep in mind, that only Brown himself is the parent that appears in the house, the Protagonist's mom is not seen.

In addition, the NES in the player's room is replaced by a Wii.

New musics not available in Pokémon FireRed[edit | edit source]

This game features many musics from Pokémon Emerald.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A 2013 beta was planned, but it was never released.
  • Due to no day/night time present, Umbreons & Espeons are only optainable via the park.
    • Also a man say Eevee can evolve into 7 forms, despite the fact that Glaceon and Leafeon aren't in the game.
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