About the Rijon series

The Rijon series is a trilogy of Pokemon ROM hacks known as Pokémon Brown, Pokémon Prism and Rijon Adventures. The hacks were created and developed by Koolboyman. Until December 2016, they were available for download on his official website. However, on Dec 21, Nintendo sent a Cease & Desist order to the developers, effectively stopping the development of Prism and RA. Even though a new development team has taken over from the last known versions of both games, they are no longer freely available for download; instead, fans are encouraged to patch the latest versions themselves.

The new official website for Pokémon Prism's development under RainbowDevs can be found HERE.

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World of Rijon
Brown Title.png Prism Title 2019.png Rijon Adventures Title.png
Seashore CityGravel TownMerson CityHayward CityOwsauri CityMoraga Town
Jaeru CityBotan CityCastro ValleyEagulou City
Routes & Landmarks
Professor Jen's LaboratoryGravel CanyonMerson CaveMerson Pass
Mt. Boulder RangeMt. Boulder CavesTrainer HillDock Underpass
Hayward DocksWestern DocksRijon TunnelNugget PassOrigal Maze
Cycling FoothillRijon StraitMoraward PathSilk TunnelPower Road
Jaeru PlainsBotan OutskirtsSilph WarehouseForest GateHaunted Forest
Tan Boat CreekInternational TunnelCoolboyman MansionCastro Forest
Equality RiverCastro FieldYuva Mila LakeSouthedge BayCity Underpass
Eagulou ParkSecret CaveTalrus FoothillTalrus HeightsSeneca Cavefront
Power PlantHardnook CaveSeneca Caverns30 Years CaveFinal Dungeon
Access to
Goldenrod CityIlex ForestAzalea TownSlowpoke WellRoute 34
South Rijon Gate
Caper CityOxalis CitySpurge CityHeath VillageLaurel CityTorenia City
Phacelia TownAcania DockSaxifrage IslandPhlox Town
Routes & Landmarks
Acqua MinesAlgernon LaboratoriesArcade FerryBattle TowerBattle Arcade
Clathrite TunnelFirelight CavernsFire LighthouseGlitch CityHaunted Forest
Haunted MansionInternational TunnelLaurel ForestMagikarp Cavern
Milos CatacombsMound CaveNaljo BorderNaljo RuinsPhlox Bingo Hall
Professor Ilk's LaboratoryProvincial ParkRookie Trainer HallSaxifrage Prison
Spurge CasinoSpurge Orphanage
Access to
Tunod WaterwayRoute 64Route 67

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