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About the Rijon series: Pokémon Brown, Pokémon Prism and Rijon Adventures.

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World of Rijon
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Seashore CityGravel TownMerson CityHayward CityOwsauri CityMoraga Town
Jaeru CityBotan CityCastro ValleyEagulou City
Professor Jen's LaboratoryGravel CanyonMerson CaveMerson PassMt. Boulder Range
Mt. Boulder CavesTrainer HillDock UnderpassHayward DocksWestern DocksRijon Tunnel
Nugget PassOrigal MazeCycling FoothillRijon StraitMoraward PathSilk TunnelPower Road
Jaeru PlainsBotan OutskirtsSilph WarehouseHaunted ForestTan Boat CreekInternational Tunnel
Castro ForestEquality RiverCastro FieldYuva Mila LakeSouthedge BayCity Underpass
Eagulou ParkTalrus FoothillTalrus HeightsSeneca CavefrontPokémon League Reception Gate
Power PlantHardnook CaveSeneca CavernsFinal Dungeon
Access to
Goldenrod CityIlex ForestAzalea TownRoute 34South Rijon Gate

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