Route 34
RijonAdv - Route 34
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Required for navigation
Bag HM Water Sprite Surf
Connecting Locations
Goldenrod City
Route 34
Ilex Forest
Location of Route 34 in Johto.

Route 34 is a route in Johto, between Goldenrod City and the Ilex Forest. It is accessible in Pokémon Brown and Rijon Adventures.

Pokémon Brown Edit

The route is accessible via the Ilex Forest gatehouse, although Goldenrod City is inaccessible due to an earthquake. There are three items on the route: a TM44, a TM50, and a Magmarizer. The background music is a slow remix of the route's theme from Gold, Silver, and Crystal. No wild Pokémon are found.

Prism Edit

The daycare house is now a vacant house.

Rijon Adventures Edit

Route 34 has wild Pokémon and a few trainers on it. It can be used to access Goldenrod City. The day-care house was destroyed and moved to South Rijon.


Item Location Games
Ultra Ball in the bush on the right at the entry to the Route from Ilex forest (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Star Piece on the other side of the fence, top area (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Pearl in th hidden area behind a tree (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Pearl on the other side of the fence, bottom area (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Ultra Ball in the hidden area between rocks (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Stardust in the hidden area between rocks (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Stardust in the hidden area East of the Trainers (hidden)  RijonAdv 


Rijon Adventures
Pokémon Location Levels
Rattata FRLG Grass Grass 9, 12-13
Pidgey FRLG Grass Grass 12
Drowzee FRLG Grass Grass 10-11
Spearow FRLG Grass Grass 14
Psyduck FRLG Grass Grass 10
Roselia FRLG Grass Grass 10, 14
Ditto FRLG Grass Grass 10
Tentacool FRLG Surf F Surfing 5-40
Tentacruel FRLG Surf F Surfing 35-40
Magikarp Old Rod Sprite Fishing 5
Horsea Good Rod Sprite Fishing 5-15
Magikarp Good Rod Sprite Fishing 5-15
Horsea Good Rod Sprite Fishing 15-25
Gyarados Good Rod Sprite Fishing 15-25
Seadra Good Rod Sprite Fishing 25-35
Psyduck Good Rod Sprite Fishing 25-35


Rijon Adventures
Trainer Pokémon
Pokéfan Marcia
Reward: PokémonDollar4400
Milotic Lv. 55
No item
Linoone Lv. 55
No item
Youngster Samuel
Reward: PokémonDollar880
Slaking Lv. 51
No item
Grumpig Lv. 55
No item
Ditto Lv. 52
No item
Picnicker Gina
Reward: PokémonDollar864
Jumpluff Lv. 53
No item
Venusaur Lv. 53
No item
Beautifly Lv. 54
No item
Granbull Lv. 54
No item
Crush Girl Melanie
Reward: PokémonDollar1344
Hitmonlee Lv. 56
No item
Hitmonchan Lv. 56
No item
Camper Todd
Reward: PokémonDollar864
Golduck Lv. 53
No item
Ratcate Lv. 54
No item
Sandslash Lv. 54
No item


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