Route 61
RijonAdv - Yuva Mila Lake
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Connecting Locations
Power Road
Route 61
Castro Field
Location of Route 61 in Rijon.

Route 61 (Yuva Mila Lake in Rijon Adventures) is a route in Rijon, between Castro Field and Route 60.


Item Location Games
HM03 (Surf) Given by a man in the house located in the Northern part of the Route  RijonAdv 
HM05 (Flsh) Given by a man in the Gate to Power Road  RijonAdv 


Rijon Adventures
Pokémon Location Levels
Shroomish FRLG Grass Grass 18-25
Breloom FRLG Grass Grass 21-25
Pidgey FRLG Grass Grass 21-24
Oddish FRLG Grass Grass 20-25
Nidoran ♀ FRLG Grass Grass 21-26
Poliwag FRLG Surf F Surfing 23, 24
Lotad FRLG Surf F Surfing 20, 22, 24
Wooper Old Rod Sprite Fishing 20, 21, 23
Quagsire Good Rod Sprite Fishing 24, 25
Mudkip Good Rod Sprite Fishing 25
Qwilfish Good Rod Sprite Fishing 25
Pokémon Location Levels
?? RBY Grass Grass  ??


Rijon Adventures
Trainer Pokémon
Aroma Lady Violet
Reward: PokémonDollar1008
Bulbasaur Lv. 36
No item
Ivysaur Lv. 36
No item
Ivysaur Lv. 36
No item
Psychic Rodette
Reward: PokémonDollar800
Chimecho Lv. 40
No item
Young Couple Jan & Sam
Reward: PokémonDollar2496
Raticate Lv. 35
No item
Linoone Lv. 35
No item
Beedrill Lv. 37
No item
Dustox Lv. 37
No item
Plusle Lv. 39
No item
Minun Lv. 39
No item
Psychic Dario
Reward: PokémonDollar800
Gardevoir Lv. 40
No item


  • Psychic Dario's Gardevoir knows moves that's unable to learn without cheating: Crunch, Odor Slueth, Agility.
  • Yuva Mila Lake was originally called "YUNALESCA LAKE" in the Rijon Adventures Pre Alpha.


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