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Route 86
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Connecting Locations
Route 86
Faraway Island and Castro Valley
File:Naljo Route 0 Map.png
Location of Route 86 in Naljo.

Route 86 is a route in Naljo leading to the Battle Arcade. It is accessible through a ship from Castro Valley after defeating all gym leaders in Rijon and obtaining the ticket in Gravel Town.

There is a hidden passage to the south, leading to Faraway Island. The door is opened with a Prism Key, however the island itself is not finished yet, Do not enter unless you have a way to fly back.

Battle Arcade[]

Need to fight a series of trainers. Teams are healed from status conditioned between battles and their PP is retored, however their health is not recovered. Each challenge costs 500$.

  • Awarded points are multiplied by the round number.
  • 700 points for victory
  • Up to points for "difficulty" (5x the round number +-5)
  • Up to 200 points for time taken (200 if less than 1 min, can be negative if more than 6 min)
  • Up to 100 points for remaining health, for each 3 pokémon (hp percentage)
  • A ticket is given for every 300 points


Battle Arcade Mart
Lucky Punch
25 tickets
30 tickets
40 tickets
Razor Fang
50 tickets
Razor Claw
50 tickets
Dragon Fang
60 tickets
75 tickets
Friend Ball
100 tickets
Max Revive
125 tickets
Max Elixir
150 tickets
Trade Stone
175 tickets
Rare Candy
200 tickets
225 tickets
Sacred Ash
250 tickets
Mystery Tckt
300 tickets
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