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Spurge Casino
Earn big bucks inside!
Location Spurge City
Region Naljo
Location of Spurge Casino in Naljo.

Spurge Casino functions as the Game Corner of the Naljo region. It is located in Spurge City.

The player must get a Coin Case before they are allowed to play any of the games. The Coin Case can be bought for P1000.

Coins can be bought at a rate of P1000 for 50 coins.


Video Poker[]

Costs 10 coins to play. You draw 5 cards, on the first turn, you may discard some and draw others to replace them. You need at least a "pair" for victory. Prize is a multiple of 10 depending on the cards you had.

Slot Machines[]

I sure hope you know how these work by now...

Card Memory[]

Costs 25 coins to play (the equivalent of P500) and can receive items a s a reward. There are 45 tiles out of which two can be turned up a total of 5 times (finding a match still takes away a chance). If a match is found, an item is rewarded, otherwise the cards are turned back down.
Items awarded:

  • Poké Ball (8 tiles)
  • Antidote (8 tiles)
  • Poké Doll (6 tiles)
  • Great Ball (6 tiles)
  • Repel (6 tiles)
  • Potion (6 tiles)
  • Nugget (3 tiles)
  • Rare Candy (2 tiles)

Classic Cards[]

A card is chosen randomly from a pack of 24. It can have one of 4 figures (Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Poliwag or Oddish) and number (1 to 6) on it. You can place a bet of 3 coins on what the card is, varying from a vague guess (i.e. "The figure is either Poliwag or Oddish.") to an exact guess (i.e. "It's definitely Pikachu no 5!"). If the guess is correct, the reward is the original 3 coins multiplied by the chance you had for winning.


Both players start with 2 cards out of which one is revealed to the opponent. On the first turn, you may choose "hit" to draw a 3rd card or "stand" to avoid doing so. In case of a "double down", you draw a card and both player's total is incread by one in addition to what they have. After the turn ends, both player's cards are revealed. If the sum of either player's hand is above 21, they immediately loose. Otherwise the one with a higher total wins. Cards with a letter have a value of 10. In case of a draw, you get your original bet back. In case of a victory, the reward is double of your bet.



  • Kangaskhan - 1000
  • Eevee - 3000
  • Porygon - 5000


  • TM33 Ice Punch - 3000
  • TM41 Thunder Punch - 3000
  • TM44 Fire Punch - 3000
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