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Spurge Orphanage
Location Spurge City
Region Naljo
Location of Spurge Orphanage in Naljo.

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The Spurge Orphanage can be found in the southern half of Spurge City, near to the entrance to Mound Cave. It is a large, rectangular wooden building with a sign post outside.

Orphanage System[]

Inside, the player can choose to "donate" unwanted Pokémon in exchange for Orphan Points. The Pokémon donated has to be in the player's team, though there is a PC in the corner of the room. After the donation, the orphanage owner will heal your remaining team.

The points are registered on an Orphan Card, which the player receives from the woman in the top room during their first visit. How many points are registered depends on a variety of factors, such as the kind of Pokémon donated, as well as its level, evolution status, shiny status, and stats.

The player can exchange the Orphanage Points for a new Pokémon when talking to the woman in the bottom room, by the stairs.


Item Location Games
Orphan Card Given by the woman in the top-right room of the orphanage  Prism 


Pokémon Level Points Cost
152.gif Chikorita
15 100
133.gif Eevee
15 250
175.gif Togepi
15 500
447-Riolu.gif Riolu
15 1000

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