The following Pokemon are made interreable in the "pokemon alone quest", this list does not contain pokemon that are faught with (like Wartortle or Pikachu)
  • Caterpie - It tells your player pokemon that it can't find its mommy, so you must guide it
  • Female Butterfree - The mother of the above Caterpie
  • Charmander - A male pokemon that got lost from his parents
  • Charizard parents - Two Charizards are the parents of the above Charmander, the father calls humans "pathethic" but says they toughened their son
  • Charizard - This pokemon was brainwashed and needs your help to progress the game
  • Clefairy - It blocks the passage and your 1st pokemon must be used to let it past (Note: Clefairies don't apear in this game cautchable, this is the only species in Naljo)
  • Totodile - Brooklyn's Totodile that the scientist kidnapped