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The following is a list of locations for all 96 TMs and 5 HMs in Pokémon Prism.

TMs do not break after use, so can be used multiple times on different Pokémon. The moves also have a chance to be passed down when breeding.

TM List[]

Move Location Details Image Header 5
TM01 DynamicPunch Phacelia Gym Given by Andre on his defeat Phacelia Town - TM01.png
TM02 Headbutt Eagulou Park File:Eagulou Park - TM02.png
TM03 Curse Route 77 South of the Pokémon Center (requires Strength) Route 77 - TM03.png
TM04 Rollout Route 85 Midway along the route (requires Rock Smash) Route 85 - TM04.png
TM05 Night Shade Haunted Forest Found by taking the first path south after the first trainer Haunted Forest - TM05.png
TM06 Toxic Botan Warehouse File:.png
TM07 Zap Cannon Phlox Bingo Hall File:.png
TM08 Flash Eagulou Gym Given by Silver on his defeat File:.png
TM09 Hail Clathrite Tunnel Take the stairs south from the Route 71 gatehouse Clathrite Tunnel - TM09.png
TM10 Hidden Power Seneca Caverns On B2 Seneca - TM10.png
TM11 Sunny Day Firelight Caverns On B2F, south of the ladder leading up to B1Fb Firelight Caverns - TM11.png
TM12 Sweet Scent Route 74 North end of the route Route 74 - TM12.png
TM13 Seed Bomb Phlox Bingo Hall File:.png
TM14 Blizzard Goldenrod Cape Requires Rock Smash File:Goldenrod Cape - TM14.png
TM15 Hyper Beam Equality River Gym Given by Joe on his defeat File:.png
TM16 Icy Wind Laurel City East side of the city, behind the lake Laurel City - TM16.png
TM17 Protect Mound Cave 1F Becomes reachable after using the Dynamite Mound Cave - TM17.png
TM18 Rain Dance First Column Bingo Card Prize File:.png
TM19 Giga Drain Moraga Gym Given by Lois on her defeat File:Moraga Town - TM19.png
TM20 Endure Phacelia Town Given by an NPC in the south-east house Phacelia Town - TM20.png
TM21 Frustration Oxalis City Show the Happiness Rater a Pokémon with less than 50/255 happiness points Oxalis City - TM21 TM27.png
TM22 Solar Beam Silk Tunnel File:Silk Tunnel - TM22.png
TM23 Iron Tail Saxifrage Island Saxifrage Island - TM23.png
TM24 Dragonbreath Naljo Ruins Naljo Ruins - TM24.png
TM25 Thunder Route 80 On an island to the very east, halfway down the route (requires Surf) Route 80 - TM25.png
TM26 Earthquake Mound Cave Upper Area Surrounded by a chasm (requires Jumping Shoes) Mound Cave - TM26.png
TM27 Return Oxalis City Show the Happiness Rater a Pokémon with 255/255 happiness points Oxalis City - TM21 TM27.png
TM28 Dig Route 78 In the north-west of the route (requires Rock Smash) Route 78 - TM28.png
TM29 Psychic Saffron City From Mr. Psychic's house File:Saffron City - TM29.png
TM30 Shadow Ball Heath Village From the house in the north-west corner (requires Surf) Heath Village - TM30.png
TM31 Mud-Slap Mound Cave Upper Area In the middle of the cavern, below the lake Mound Cave - TM31.png
TM32 Double Team Route 81 Given by an NPC north of the berry tree, midway up the route Route 81 - TM32.png
TM33 Ice Punch Spurge Casino Exchange for 3000 Coins Spurge Casino - TM Prizes.png
TM34 Swagger Firelight Caverns In a small cave accessed via the top-right of 1F (requires Strength) Firelight Caverns - TM34.png
TM35 Sleep Talk Heath Village Given by a man in the westernmost lower house Heath Village - TM35.png
TM36 Sludge Bomb Phlox Bingo Hall File:.png
TM37 Sandstorm Naljo Ruins Naljo Ruins - TM37.png
TM38 Fire Blast Southerly Gym Given by Ernest on his defeat File:Southerly City - TM38.png
TM39 Swift Spurge City Given by the NPC north of the Casino Spurge City - TM39.png
TM40 Defense Curl Phlox Bingo Hall File:.png
TM41 ThunderPunch Spurge Casino Exchange for 3000 Coins Spurge Casino - TM Prizes.png
TM42 Dream Eater Haunted Mansion 2F, through the door on the left Haunted Mansion - TM42.png
TM43 Flash Cannon Spurge Gym Given by Bruce on his defeat File:Spurge City - TM43.png
TM44 Rest Acania Dock Given by the NPC in between the PokéMart and the Gym Acania Dock - TM44.png
TM45 Attract Laurel Gym Given by Brooklyn on her defeat Laurel City - TM45.png
TM46 Thief Goldenrod City Bronze's hideout File:Goldenrod City - TM46.png
TM47 Steel Wing Route 50 File:Route 50 - TM47.png
TM48 Fire Punch Spurge Casino Exchange for 3000 Coins Spurge Casino - TM Prizes.png
TM49 Fury Cutter Route 69 In the middle part of the route, reachable after defeating Rinji Route 69 - TM49.png
TM50 Poison Jab Goldenrod City Department store basement File:Goldenrod City - TM50.png
TM51 Dark Pulse Torenia Gym Given by Edison on his defeat Torenia City - TM51.png
TM52 Swords Dance Route 59 File:Route 59 - TM52.png
TM53 Whirlwind Route 73 Accessible only from the Rookie Trainer Hall underground tunnel in Oxalis City Route 73 - TM53.png
TM54 Energy Ball Phacelia Town In the middle of the town (requires Strength) Phacelia Town - TM54.png
TM55 Counter Castro Gym Given by Koji on his defeat File:Castro Valley - TM55.png
TM56 Seismic Toss Milos Catacombs B2F (fall into hole on B1F, just right of the ladder leading down to B2F) Milos Catacombs - TM56.png
TM57 Razor Leaf Heath Gym Given by Rinji on his defeat Heath Village - TM57.png
TM58 Iron Head Route 63 File:Route 63 - TM58.png
TM59 Aerial Ace Mound Cave 1F Becomes reachable after using the Dynamite (requires Surf and Rock Smash) Mound Cave - TM59.png
TM60 Reflect Mt. Boulder (requires Surf) File:Mt. Boulder - TM60.png
TM61 Metronome Algernon Laboratories File:Algernon Laboratories - TM61.png
TM62 Sky Attack Merson City File:Merson City - TM62.png
TM63 Thunderwave Acania Dock Given by the NPC in the house to the right of the gym Acania Dock - TM63.png
TM64 Double-Edge Phlox Bingo Hall File:.png
TM65 Explosion Saxifrage Prison 2F In the top-left corner, reached by avoiding the guards Saxifrage Prison - TM65.png
TM66 Rock Slide Silk Tunnel File:Silk Tunnel - TM66.png
TM67 Tri-Attack Spurge City Given by the scientist in Apartment 2-D Spurge City - TM67.png
TM68 Substitute South Southerly (Route 89) Route 89 - TM68.png
TM69 Safeguard Saffron Gym Given by Sabrina on her defeat File:Saffron City - TM69.png
TM70 Dragon Claw Clathrite Tunnel Clathrite Tunnel - TM70.png
TM71 Shadow Claw Haunted Mansion Basement File:Haunted Mansion - TM71.png
TM72 Bulk Up Goldenrod City Game Corner File:.png
TM73 Cosmic Power Goldenrod City Game Corner File:.png
TM74 Calm Mind Goldenrod City Game Corner File:.png
TM75 Dizzy Punch Phlox Bingo Hall File:.png
TM76 AncientPower Mt. Ember Mt. Ember - TM76.png
TM77 Body Slam Acqua Mines Acqua Mines - TM77.png
TM78 Noise Pulse Route 78 On the small island in the south-east of the route (requires Surf) Route 78 - TM78.png
TM79 Hyper Voice Saxifrage Gym Given by Cadence on her defeat File:Saxifrage Island - TM79.png
TM80 Storm Front Merson Gym Given by Karpman on his defeat File:Merson City - TM80.png
TM81 Dust Devil Firelight Caverns In the internal cave, which has its entrance on B1F (requires Strength) Firelight Caverns - TM81.png
TM82 Will-O-Wisp Oxalis Gym Given by Josiah on his defeat Oxalis City - TM82.png
TM83 Light Screen Naljo Border File:Naljo Border - TM83.png
TM84 Thunderbolt Owsauri Game Corner File:.png
TM85 Flamethrower Owsauri Game Corner File:.png
TM86 Ice Beam Owsauri Game Corner File:.png
TM87 Megahorn Azalea Gym Given by Bugsy on his defeat File:Azalea Town - TM87.png
TM88 Signal Beam Route 34 File:Route 34 - TM88.png
TM89 Freeze Burn Owsauri Gym Given by Lily on her defeat File:Owsauri City - TM89.png
TM90 Prism Spray Seashore City Brown's House, after beating the Mystery League File:Seashore City - TM90.png
TM91 Final Chance Merson Cave Basement File:Merson Cave - TM91.png
TM92 Mustard Gas Acania Gym Given by Ayaka on her defeat Acania Dock - TM92.png
TM93 Boil Route 66 File:Route 66 - TM93.png
TM94 Crystal Bolt Power Plant File:Power Plant - TM94.png
TM95 Steel Eater Route 84 Route 84 - TM95.png
TM96 Void Sphere Phlox Bingo Hall File:.png
HM01 Cut Route 74-Heath Village gatehouse Given by the guard, after defeating Palette Red

Requires Nature Badge
to use outside of battle
Route 74 - HM01.png
HM02 Fly Route 77 Given by the guard blocking the way south, after defeating Edison in Torenia Gym

Requires Midnight Badge
to use outside of battle
Route 77 - HM02.png
HM03 Surf Fire Lighthouse Given by the old man on the second (top) floor of Fire Lighthouse, which is in the north of Acania Dock.

Requires Haze Badge
to use outside of battle
Acania Dock - HM03.png
HM04 Strength Saxifrage Prison B1F Given by Bronze after defeating him in battle.

Requires Charm Badge
to use outside of battle
Saxifrage Prison - HM04.png
HM05 Rock Smash Phacelia Town Given by the officer in the police station after you capture Palette Black on Route 85.

Requires Muscle Badge
to use outside of battle
Phacelia Town - HM05.png