Talrus Foothill
RijonAdv - Talrus Foothill
Map description
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Required for navigation
Bag HM Water Sprite Surf
Bag HM Water Sprite Waterfall
Connecting Locations
Talrus Heights
Talrus Foothill
Seneca Cavefront
Jaeru City
Location of Talrus Foothill in Rijon.

Talrus Foothill (Route 65 in Pokémon Brown) is a route in Rijon, connecting Jaeru City and Talrus Heights. The entrance to the Seneca Cavefront is between the third and fourth badge check gates.

Items Edit

Item Location Games
Leppa Berry between the flowers, over the Gate to Seneca Cavefront (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Max Ether in a corner of trees, in fron of the 4th Badge check (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Aspear Berry north of the lake, between the flowers (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Ultra Ball in the grass on the left, in front of the house i the 7th Badge chack area (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Sitrus Berry next to the house with no doors on the right (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Full Restore in an empty patch of grass south of the house after the 7th Badge check (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Max Elixir between the most-north house and a flower (hidden)  RijonAdv 
Lum Berry in an empty patch of grass south of a house (hidden)  RijonAdv 


Rijon Adventures
Pokémon Location Levels
Mankey FRLG Grass Grass 32, 34
Primeape FRLG Grass Grass 42
Spearow FRLG Grass Grass 32, 34
Fearow FRLG Grass Grass 40, 42, 44
Ekans FRLG Grass Grass 32, 34
Arbok FRLG Grass Grass 44
Doduo FRLG Grass Grass 15
Ditto FRLG Grass Grass 13
Psyduck FRLG Surf FSurfing 20-40
Magikarp Old Rod Sprite Fishing 5
Magikarp Good Rod Sprite Fishing 5-15
Poliwag Good Rod Sprite Fishing 5-15
Goldeen Good Rod Sprite Fishing 5-15
Poliwag Good Rod Sprite Fishing 15-25
Poliwhirl Good Rod Sprite Fishing 20-30
Gyarados Good Rod Sprite Fishing 5-25
Psyduck Good Rod Sprite Fishing 15-35


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