Torenia City
"The region's youngest city."
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Torenia City Gym - Naljo Gym #4
specialist Gym
Midnight Badge
Midnight Badge
Torenia City Gym - Naljo Gym #4
specialist Gym
Midnight Badge
Midnight Badge
Torenia City Gym - Naljo Gym #4
specialist Gym
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Midnight Badge
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Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
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Elite Four
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Connecting locations
Laurel Forest
Route 83
Torenia City
Route 82
Route 77
Location of Torenia City in Naljo.

Torenia City is the newest city in Naljo. In Pokémon Prism, the Magnet Train connects it to Botan City. Torenia City is adjacent to Route 83, Route 82, and Route 77. The Laurel Forest is just north of here.

The city also has a Pachisi hall where the player can pay P2000 per game.

The city is home to the Torenia Gym, where Edison is the Leader.

In the house next to the Magnet Train station, there is a boy who wants to trade a Drifloon for an Exeggcute.

Items[edit | edit source]

Item Location Games
Rare Candy
Torenia City - Rare Candy.png
Torenia City - PP Up.png
Cheri Berry
Torenia City - Cheri Berry.png
Shiny Ball for winning Pachisi  Prism 
Gold Token (Hidden)  Prism 

PokéMart[edit | edit source]

Torenia City PokéMart
Great Ball
Pokémon Dollar600
Super Potion
Pokémon Dollar700
Paralyze Heal
Pokémon Dollar200
Pokémon Dollar250
Pokémon Dollar100
Super Repel
Pokémon Dollar500
Escape Rope
Pokémon Dollar550
Pokémon Dollar1500

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