Trainer Hill
RijonAdv - Trainer Hill
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Connecting Locations
Trainer Hill
Eagulou City
Location of Trainer Hill in Rijon.

Places of interestEdit

Move Deleter's House


Rijon Adventures
Pokémon Location Levels
Tentacool FRLG Surf F Sufing 5-40
Magikarp Old Rod Sprite Fishing 5
Horsea Old Rod Sprite Fishing 5-25
Qwilfish Super Rod Sprite Fishing 15-25
Gyarados Super Rod Sprite Fishing 15-25
Seadra Super Rod Sprite Fishing 25-35
Psyduc Super Rod Sprite Fishing 25-35


Trainer Hill
Reward:PokémonDollar 5500 and Macho Brace
Karpman - sprite
RA - Team5
Feraligatr Lvl 50

Salac Berry
Lapras Lvl 50

Surf Ice Beam Thunderbolt Ice Beam
Dragon Claw Crunch Perish Song Psychic
Crawdaunt Lvl 55

Salac Berry
Dewgong Lvl 53

Surf Crunch Sheer Cold Ice Beam
Brick Break Aerial Ace Fake Out Rest
Milotic Lvl 55

Sitrus Berry
' Lvl

Recover Ice Beam
Swagger Waterfall

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