Level 33 Rapidash

A level 33 Rapidash, found in the Seneca Caverns

An underleveled Pokémon is an evolved Pokémon at a lower level than what is possible via evolution.

Pokémon Brown Edit

Pokémon Level of evolution Lowest level Location
Arbok 22 20 Final Dungeon
(outdoor path)
Venomoth 31 26 Castro Forest
Persian 28 27 Coolboyman Mansion
Golduck 33 31 Route 62
Rapidash 40 33 Seneca Caverns
Dodrio 31 29 Route 48-B
Muk 38 28 Rijon Tunnel
Rhydon 42 40 Eagulou Park
(Secret Cave)
Crobat 50
(Brown only)
15 Final Dungeon
(trade Rhyhorn)
  • Because Pokémon Brown is a Red hack, all Pokémon with index numbers 0 to 199 can be caught at level 1 using the Mew glitch.
    • By extension, this means that Pokémon which evolve using items can also be obtained at level 1.
    • Thanks to in-game trades, it is also possible to trade a level 1 Gligar for a level 1 Eevee that will evolve into a Leafeon, and a level 1 Rhyhorn for a level 1 Crobat.

Pokémon Prism Edit

Rijon Adventures Edit

Pokémon Level of evolution Lowest level Location
Kadabra 16 15 Nugget Pass